NEW ALBUM from Karl M V Waugh

o light; a lightness

Some serious synth wig-outs.

AVAILABLE NOW on CD / Download.


And full length eye watering video for the central track also on the YOUTUBE


Future Glows Tape

Future Glows Tape Available NOW

Future Glows is post-apocalyptic rave death

– the sound of burning cities in neon

– – an acrid psychedelia with an industrial buzz

– – – free form electronica


Bemused Abused – Easter Sunday

Bemused Abused, melodic ambient spiritual and meditative, have delivered for us their 6th album of drifting uplifting psychedelia. “Easter Sunday” is a third eye transmission from these south coast outsider artists, this enigmatic release tells us little other than the titles and the year (MMXIV) what more could information help to inform you when the music inside chooses to go straight in and vibrate precise nodules of your brain – all organ chords and plucked guitar notes – this is one to really remind you of the beautiful of the earth beneath your feet and the air around you.

Just £4 (which includes postage with the UK):

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Here’s the first track from the album:


Thee Hairee Kuntz – Live 3″

All lady powerhouse of crunchy space jazz – this feminine improv super group supreme spool out an intergalactic cosmic freak out that’s soft sublime and infinitely nuanced all in one. The list of bands these women are moonlighting from is a staggering cross section of the south’s experimental scene: The Zero Map/ Four Manatees/ The A Band/ I Am Meat/ Binnsclagg/ The Super Goons/ Jumble Sale/ and many more.

Here they have their first piece of physical media, a luxuriously packaged 3″ cd containing 20mins of whirling incantations live from October 2013.

You can BUY this wonderful item for £4 (which includes postage within the UK):

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(for postage outside the UK please contact: sarcasticmuffin [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Watch a video:


dogeeseseegod / The Zero Map split tape

Those crazy goons down from Southampton have supplied us with a sweaty slab of wet and wild fun time (if your idea of fun time is like a nightmare scene from a lynch movie). We married this to a piece of heavy third eye trippery from our house band The Zero Map.

Decorated in gold cased tape with pink insert.
Strictly limited edition.
£5 (which includes postage).


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Kosmos 954

EP from new improv psych band with kraut stylings. Members of Reds, Jungfrau and The Zero Map, this 4 piece combines drums, bass, guitar and sax into one wieldy 8 legged daemon.

CDr with hand made covers.

£5 (including postage).


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5 Alarm Systems/ Songs About Choir Boys

Our first release is here.

Karl M V Waugh – 5 Alarm Systems/ Songs About Choir Boys

is a collection of poems accompanied by an album of collage, all housed in an A4 folder.

Since this is my new label and I am releasing myself first I don’t want to sound too self congratulatory but I can say I am happy it will finally be read/heard by people, since I have had these poems and this music finished for a while – it needed to be right.


Available for £5 (priced at £6 including postage within the UK *)

!!!SOLD OUT!!!


Extremely Limited Edition.


*for postage outside the UK please contact at: sarcasticmuffin (at) hotmail (dot) com

What is “Emblems Of Cosmic Disorder” ?

Emblems Of Cosmic Disorder is to be a small record label and/or private press dealing in weirdo sound, experimental noise, drone, improv, sound art, modern poetry and other (un)related things. From Brighton, started in 2014. Hopefully broadcasting regularly.